Jinhua Zhao

Jinhua Zhao is the Edward H. and Joyce Linde Assistant Professor of Urban Planning at DUSP. He holds Master of Science, Master of City Planning and Ph.D. degrees from MIT and a Bachelor's degree from Tongji University. He studies 1) the behavioral foundation for transport policies; 2) public transit management using information technology; and 3) China’s urbanization and mobility. Prof. Zhao has been working with London, Chicago, Boston, Vancouver, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore to help improve their urban transportation systems and policies. He sees transportation as a language, to describe a person, to characterize a city, and to understand an institution. Prof. Zhao directs the urban mobility research lab JTL and is the co-PI for the Transit Lab at MIT. He very much enjoys working with students.

9-523 | jinhua@mit.edu | 617-324-7594